The forest resources are very important and enable consistent development of wood energy in industry and municipalities. Waste from primary wood processing industries (sawmill, woodwork …) are relatively well valued today but significant wood resources are available from forest slash.

Bois déchiqueté, combustible propre principalement utilisé dans un brûleur à gazéification COGEBIO®

Clean wood resources originate from:

  • Urban and roadside pruning
  • The hedgerows
  • Forest slash (branches not valued in the furniture industry)
  • The by-products of the wood industry (edgings, cut-off ends, bark… )

To these, we can add the untreated recycled wood (A class wood) which includes:

  • Pallets
  • Boxes and crates
  • Spools

This type of resource can be used under the same conditions as those for forest wood.