Integrated biomass solution

The COGEBIO® process allows a total or partial substitution of fossil fuels (natural gas, propane, fuel oil) by solid biomass for industrial heat production. The gasifier produces a syngas at a competitive price, compared to fossil fuels, and draws value from all types of solid biomass (clean wood chips, recycled wood, agricultural residues).

The COGEBIO® process innovation consists in combining a biomass gasifier and a specific dual-fuel burner without any syngas treatment. It is available in a 1 to 10 MW range and allows syngas or fossil fuel combustion or any mix of both.

The innovating design of COGEBIO® process brings a great flexibility with a 30 to 100% power modulation allowing for an easy tracking of power demands.

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    The reactor is based on the principle of downdraft  fixed bed gasification, where the solid is converted through drying, pyrolysis, oxidation, and reduction.

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    The patented dual-fuel burner is designed to burn the syngas coming directly from the gasifier at 800°C with no need for any cleanup.
    It is able to use either syngas or fossil fuels (natural gas,  propane, fuel oil), alone or as a mix.

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    The smoke does not require any treatment after being generated from clean wood.

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    The COGEBIO® technology can be installed with all kinds of boilers, ovens, or dryers, replacing  fossil fuels burners without changes of the existing equipment.

Applications within industries and municipalities

The COGEBIO® process is for industries and communities that wish to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels by replacing them with biomass while reducing their energy bills.

The typical application is the replacement of an existing burner by our dual-fuel burner GASFLEX® for the total or partial substitution of fossil fuel.

Benefits of COGEBIO® solution

  • Easy installation (small surface area)
  • No modification of the existing equipment
  • Flexible use (quick start and stop)
  • Fully automated operation
  • Easy tracking of power demands
  • Operational safety
  • Reliability and robustness
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduction of environmental footprint
  • Choice of the fuels depending on price development

Specifications of COGEBIO® process

Power range1 to 6 MW (biomass)
1 to 10 MW (total)
FuelWood chips
Other solid biomass
Wood consumption100 kg/h to 1500 kg/h
Syngas LHV1 to 1,3 kWh/Nm3
Overall yield95%


Particulates< 50 mg/Nm3
CO< 20 mg/Nm3
NOx< 300 mg/Nm3
Ashes2% of inlet biomass weight