COGEBIO process

The cogeneration module COGEBIO presents a major innovation in the field of power generation from biomass, breaking with traditional systems (engines, steam turbines). Based on the principle of hot air turbine, it is suitable for a power range from 100 to 300 kWe, allowing local valorisation of available biomass. Currently in development, these modules will cover an annual heat demand from 1 to 10 GWh.

The hot air turbine, a technological innovation

The process combines a gas generator and a hot-air turbine through a heat exchanger.Wood chips fuel a co-current gasifier generating an optimal quality syngas burned in an associated combustion chamber. The heat of the flue gases is recovered in a heat exchanger to heat a compressed air stream.

This stream is expanded in a turbine which rotates the compressor and the generator thereby producing electricity. The hot air turbine outlet is reused for gas combustion, which increases power generation performance.

The co-generated heat is available at the output of the exchanger in the form of a gas at 300 °C for a production of hot water, superheated water, low pressure steam or direct drying.

Rejects of the process are cooled exhaust gases that leave the chimney with a very low NOx, CO and particles content, as well as the ashes retrieved at the bottom of the gasifier.

Principe de la turbine à air chaud (cogénération) alimentée par un brûleur biomasse à gazéification COGEBIO®

Technical specifications

FuelWood chips (humidity ≤ 20%)
Electric power (kWe)100300
Thermal power (kWth)300900
Fuel consumption (kg/h)133400
Electric yield20%
Overall yield80%