Clean technology for charcoal production

The CML carbonization process allows:

  • The valorization of hot gases from carbonization, either for a drying application or for the production of electricity.

  • To obtain a quality coal from all types of wood, hardwoods and softwoods.

  • To satisfy new environmental constraints thanks to a high performance combustion system of emitted gases.


    A standard unit includes 12 carbonization furnaces and produces up to 3,000 tons of charcoal per year with a supply of 15,000 tons of wood.


    The standard unit consists of 12 furnaces but other con gurations are available: 6.8 or 10 furnaces with or without reservation to complete up to 12 furnaces.


 System operation

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    Charcoal is produced in cylindrical partial combustion furnaces with a lid at the top and a discharge hatch at the bottom of the furnace.

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    The lling is done at the top of the oven using a forklift equipped with a bucket. The kilns are discharged cold using the bottom hatch.

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    A fixed nozzle located in the upper part of the furnace body captures the fumes produced during carbonization and direct them to the collection ues.

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    The incinerator makes it possible to treat the fumes produced by 4 or 5 furnaces that operate simultaneously, with shifted ignition on the carbonization chain for a wood whose moisture content does not exceed 20%.

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    The charcoal is stored at the bottom of the pit in dampers then taken out with the help of an electrically powered rail trolley and a container lifter.

Advantages of the COGEBIO® solution:

  • Quality of cool in accordance with AFNOR NFB55101
  • Respect of European environmental standards
  • Good working conditions with mechanized handling operations and simplified control
  • Low cost of maintenance operations thanks to the robustness of the equipment and simplicity of operation.
  • Low investment costs.
  • Energy recovery in thermal or electrical form.

Characteristics of the CML carbonization process:

CML unit (12 furnaces)
Production capacity2500 to 3500 tons per year
FuelAny type of wood (homogeneous loading)
GranulometryLengh < 30cm and section < 100cm2
Humidity< 20%
Wood consumption15 000 tons per year
Duration of a carbonization cycle22 to 24 hours