Biomass thermal power : 1 to 6 MW
Total thermal power (biomass and fossil fuel) : up to 10 MW

The COGEBIO® process allows substitution of fossil fuels (natural gas, fuel oil, propane) by solid biomass (by example wood chips) for industrial heat production. The innovating process brings a great flexibility for the user.

dual-fuel burner

GASFLEX® dual-fuel burner

Thermal power up to 10 MW

GASFLEX is a unique patended dual-fuel burner that offers a complete flexibility in fuel selection based on current fuel prices and availability. The burner ensures reliable operation and allows operation with synthesis gas, conventional fuel or any proportion of these fuels.


Cogenération COGEBIO-ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle)

Electric power : 300 kW to 1 MW
Thermal power : 1,5 MW to 4 MW

COGEBIO-ORC unit combines COGEBIO® gasification technology with Organic Rankine Cycle, allowing combined heat and electricity production from solid biomass. Compactness and low pollutant emissions of this type of installation will be great advantages for your CHP projects.


COGEGRID® biomass cogeneration 

Composed of a biomass gazeifier, a syngas purification equipment and an internal combustion engine, the COGEGRID® unit has a high electrical efficiency thanks to the engine technology used and a high energy integration. Thus, power generation alone can make this type of installation profitable.


CML carbonization process

The CML carbonization process allows the recovery of hot gases from carbonization, either for drying application or for electricty production, to obtain quality charcoal from all types of wood, hardwoods and softwoods and to satisfy environmental constraints thanks to a high performing combustion system of exhaust gases.