Gasification burner

Biomass thermal power : 1 to 6 MW
Total thermal power (biomass and fossil fuel) : up to 10 MW

COGEBIO® burner allows substitution of fossil fuels (natural gas, fuel oil, propane) by solid biomass (by example wood chips) for industrial heat production. The innovating burner design brings a great flexibility, similar to natural gas burners.


Cogenération COGEBIO-ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle)

Electric power : 300 kW to 1 MW
Thermal power : 1,5 MW to 4 MW

COGEBIO-ORC unit combines COGEBIO® gasification technology with Organic Rankine Cycle, allowing combined heat and electricity production from solid biomass. Compactness and low pollutant emissions of this type of installation will be great advantages for your CHP projects.


Cogeneration COGEBIO
(Hot air turbine)

Electric power : 100 kW to 300 kW
Thermal power : 300 kW to 900 kW

COGEBIO cogeneration unit allows combined heat and power production from solid biomass like wood chips. The hot air turbine innovating technology increases the electric yield to internal combustion engine levels with no need for syngaz treatment (no syngaz scrubbing or filtration, less maintenance operations).