High efficiency cogeneration facilities

A cogeneration unit COGEGRID® consists of the following main elements:

  • A biomass gasifier transforming solid biomass into a fuel gas, syngas, with a high conversion efficiency.
  • A syngas purification equipment that eliminates unwanted constituents (dust, tars, chlorine,…)
  • An internal combustion engine that generates electricity and heat recovery from fumes and the cooling system.
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The COGEGRID® unit has a high electrical efficiency thanks to the motor technology used and a high energy integration. Thus, electricity production alone can make this type of installation profitable. Potential applications include on-site or district heat cogeneration, as well as the electrical production alone, connected or not to the network.

Usable resources include different types of biomass:
  • Forest wood
  • Pruning wood
  • Agricultural by-products
  • Waste from the wood industry
  • Recycling wood,…



Advantages of the COGEGRID® solution:

  • High electrical efficiency
  • No exhaust gas treatment (with clean wood)
  • Proven syngas purification technology
  • Fully automated operation
  • Reliability and robustness
  • Economic profitability

Characteristics of the COGEGRID® process:

Maximized overall yieldMaximized electrical yield
Gross electrical power500 kWe600 kWe
Net electrical power441 kWe 529 kWe
Thermal power1191 kW-
FuelBiomass / Wastes
Humidity< 20%
Wood consumption500 kg/h
Gross electrical yield24%28%
Net electrical yield21%25%
Overall efficiency80%-