CHP module combining proven technologies

A cogeneration unit COGEBIO – ORC comprises the following main elements:

  • A biomass gasifier that converts biomass into a fuel called synthesis gas or syngas, enhanced by a special burner, without treatment or cooling
  • A thermal oil boiler which recovers syngas combustion heat to heat a thermal oil system
  • An ORC module ( Organic Rankine Cycle ) which uses heat from the thermal oil to produce heat and electricity


The COGEBIO-ORC unit has an important flexibility through quick start and stop, easy tracking of power demand and modulation from 50 to 100%. So any site with a need for sufficient heat (average power of 1500 kW or more ) is likely to receive this type of unit. Some sites are preferred particularly due to their thermal profile:


Industries with important process heat demands (dairy, chemistry …)

District heating

District heating (including retirement homes, hotels…)

Aquatic centers

Hospitals, aquatic centers…

Benefits of COGEBIO-ORC solution

  • High electric efficiency
  • Easy installation (small surface area)
  • No exhaust gas treatment (with clean wood)
  • Flexible use (quick start and stop)
  • Fully automated operation
  • Easy tracking of power demands
  • Operational safety
  • Reliability and robustness
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduction of environmental footprint

Technical specifications

Gross electrical power281 kW646 kW1010 kW
Net electrical power232 kW568 kW899 kW
Thermal power1394 kW2670 kW4050 kW
FuelWood chips / Others biomasses
Wood consumption516 kg/h1016 kg/h1548 kg/h
Gross electrical efficiency13%16%
Net electrical efficiency11%14%
Overall efficiency80%
Ashes : 2% of inlet biomass weight
<20 mg/N m3
<300 mg/N m3
<50 mg/N m3