Converting a boiler to biomass, an ideal case


The implementation of a wood boiler usually means heavy investment and implantation difficulties. Learn how COGEBIO® is easily implanted in a boiler room for a cost effective wood heating solution.

Revamping or new facilities

Vapeur industrielle produite par chauffage au bois (brûleur biomasse à gazéification COGEBIO®)

Process steam, hot oil or hot water production

Reduce both your carbon footprint and energy costs with an equipment allowing easy tracking of power demands for any industrial process.


Biomass energy for ovens and dryers 

Enjoy a clean and sustainable energy in industrial ovens and dryers (direct / indirect heating ) with the COGEBIO® solution, innovative biomass gasification technology.

Chauffage au bois permettant de maintenir la température dans des grands locaux avec de l'air pulsé

Industrial premises heating

Heating large volumes often means money pit. Reduce your energy costs through the implementation of the COGEBIO® process.